21 June 2013

Post-baby-wear: BurdaStyle Cropped Tweed Jacket

I've reached the third trimester and if I'm not sewing something in a knit, then there really is no way it is going to fit until post-baby. Thank goodness for my dress form as it makes sewing life that much easier.

However, as much as I wanted to model this for you, (because we all know garments look better on a real person,) it just looked too ridiculous with a huge belly.

BurdaStyle Cropped/Short Jacket. 02/2012 #101

Tweed: sourced from an op shop, for $2.
Lining: sourced from an op shop, $3

Omitted shoulder pads and decorative top stitching.
Added cuffs to create full length sleeves.

Special Mention:
Hubby who assisted me in the tremendous job of line matching, pinning, and second opinion-ing. And all while recovering from shoulder surgery. Gold.

I really wanted to get this jacket "just right" so did spend a lot of time unpicking to have the lines match up on the sleeves, front and back. It has taken me almost two weeks to complete and I was getting very close to being "over it". I am glad this project is done and I can work on something else.

I may avoid anything cropped in the future as with my long arms, I feel it is a bit out of proportion. (Ooo ooo monkey anyone?)

Hooray! My 2013 Sewlution to sew myself a jacket can now be crossed off!



  1. Congrats on achieving your sewlution! It's a very sophisticated looking jacket, will we get a jeans and boots styling in 3? Months?

    1. Thanks Sarah . .. yep give me three months or so and I'll be hoping to wear it. :)

  2. Wow - that is a nice looking jacket - I love that your hubby helped out :) And congrats on finishing your sewlution!

    1. Hubby is handy Sally... who else can pin the hem straight for me? ;)

  3. Oh my godness- it is amazing ! So impressed, I will be putting in orders soon! xx

    1. Why thank you love. We need to get some sewing lessons together again. :)

  4. Good for you completing the sewlution! And it's only June. This looks like it will be a nice classic jacket to have in your closet.

    1. Maybe I could get another jacket sewn in the second half of the year ? ha!