16 April 2013

Burda Style Side Gather Top x 3


Thank you so much for all your well wishes to my news. I appreciated every single one of your comments and we're excited to add to our growing family. Things are definitely FUN around these parts. heh heh.

Now to some sewing!

I've made not one, not two but THREE versions of this top (Burda Style Side Gather Top 09/2012 #130) in less than a week. I'm so proud as I've never made a pattern multiple times before but it has been excellent practice of my skills as well as decreased my stash.

I've modelled one version so you can see that this top although is not specifically maternity, still works for me and the growing belly. Win, win!
Depending on your fabric choice (and size sewn) you could have a top that lasts the whole nine months. Love that.

Version 1:

I have no idea what this fabric is as it was an op shop find but it had loads of stretch. I also made this top two sizes up and it is roomy enough for a large(r) belly. I hope to still be fitting into this at the end of my pregnancy.

Version 2:

This one is my favourite. The colour is me and the knit fabric is soft and comfy.
Again, fabric sourced from an op shop, with just enough fabric for 3/4 length sleeves.
I took more care with the details and I think it shows.

Version 3:

A remnant piece of Cotton Lycra 1.5m x 0.8m for $2.20.
I thought the fabric would have a lot more stretch and made it two sizes up. However it is quite fitted and the fabric is thick so it seems to look better as a tunic dress rather than bunched up on the hips as a top. This version may have to wait til post-baby.

Summing up, this is definitely an easy peasy pattern, a great basic and can look so different depending on fabric choices. I love the ruching on the sleeves and I give it a big THUMBS UP for maternity wear too!


  1. This looks like a perfect maternity top. Well done on the binding too!

  2. These are so cute! You look radiant in them :) I especially like the coral colored one! So perfect for spring!

    1. Sweet of you to say Sally! Thank you. :)

    2. Lol - wait... it's autumn there in Australia, isn't it. Well in any season, they are all three wonderful! :)

  3. Good on you for finding that top - it is so perfect for pregnancy. Why are nice pregnancy patterns just so hard to find? I have bookmarked that pattern just incase the need arises again.

    I love the colour of version 2 on you and the fit looks good too. Also well done on clearing out more of your stash!

    1. Thanks Claire! I'm so with you, there are barely any nice, FLATTERING maternity patterns. I usually tend to stick to "normal" clothes with a lot of stretch, like with this pattern. It's definitely a keeper - no matter if you're pregnant or not.
      And thanks, I'm glad to be clearing out the stash too. :)

  4. They each look great but the color of version 2 is especially lovely on you. Well done :)