12 November 2012

Burda Style 3/2012: summer outfit

Greetings, it's November already. Can you believe it?!

Super quick post showing my recent projects. 
I have a ton of things to share but am not really feeling like blogging lately... seriously, I need more hours in the day to get everything done plus have a good night's rest.

I don't know about you but my local library is PATHETIC when it comes to dressmaking books/magazines. So I finally realised that all I needed to do was find a library who DID carry the good stuff. And hello, should've done that sooner as my new library had a pile of Burda Style magazines waiting for me, patterns and all!

From Burda Style issue 3/2012.
Top 119: minus the neck tie as I was having issues.

I used woven fabric instead of jersey. Self bias binding around the arms and after fighting with the extremely loose weave of the fabric around the neckline, decided to just overlock and hem instead.
I shortened the length to sit on my waist, and next time I will grade up at the waist too but it's still ok.
Neckline gapes as I obviously pulled it when trying to sew a pathetic 1/2inch binding on when it should've been 1 inch but I'm fine with it all. Ok for hot days lazing around the house. The fabric is so light and airy!

Shorts 114B.
Really nice casual shorts. They look huge but the fabric is a cotton/linen blend so it's very drapey. I used pyjama elastic so they're really comfortable on the waist. Again, perfect for hot days or going to the beach. Make it in different fabric and you've got a pair of pj shorts.

I'm really glad I've sewn two things that make a complete outfit. There are so many lovely dresses being sewn by other bloggers which I'd love to do too but it isn't practical for me at the moment. (I'm still breastfeeding my 9 month old.)

Being a beginner to apparel sewing, I'm going to be sticking to as many basics and staples to build up my wardrobe before I dive into any "icing" type garments! Boring I know, but we gotta start somewhere.


  1. Gorgeous summer outfit and i love love love your fabric choices! I'll take a look for pattern mags next time I'm at my local library!

    1. Thanks Brenda! Both fabrics were sourced from op shops which makes this a real bargain. :)

  2. Awesomeness! I'm trying to see me some cake garments at the mo. I hear it is what all the cool kids are doing!

    1. Yep, so that makes me the coolest kid in town ;)

  3. These look great. Love the floral especially. I hear you on the blogging lately...I started out with good intentions but sometimes I think I'd rather just focus on the sewing with the limited time I have.

    1. thanks! yeah when the evenings hit i want to sew and not blog ... but i still want to blog as a record if what i've made... sigh. :)

  4. Anonymous10:13 PM

    How did you make your shorts? They look amazing! I have been trying to make shorts, but just can't get it right. Thanks

    1. Hi Anonymous.
      I used a burda pattern which you can download here:
      and it comes with the instructions.
      If you get hold of the magazine it also had step by step picture instructions.
      Hope that helps you. :)