26 November 2012

Burda Style: 1/2011: Sweatshirt Top

As I mentioned in my previous post, I got my hands on some Burda Style magazines from the library recently and I have been tracing patterns like a mad woman. I'm feeling fairly inspired too because they're FREE and there is something delicious about free patterns that you know are good. 

Now to the sewing!

Burda Style issue: 1/2011 #120
Burda call this the Sweatshirt Top (#120) and it's cropped, boxy and really easy to make.

Feel free to lounge around on an armchair while wearing yours in the middle of the day as per the Burda model below, but she obviously has no kids because I most certainly had no opportunity to do that!


I didn't think I'd like it so much but I have worn it almost every day at home the past week. It's comfy, not as annoying as a cardi and just easy to wear thrown over a tank top. 

Bad point: the front neckline gapes. Unless you wear it stretched off the shoulders to pull it tight but I'm thinking that using a lighter fabric to face the neckline would help considerably instead of the sweatshirt fabric as per the instructions. 

There you have it! A cozy, easy top for around the house. 

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